Since 1980, SEMO Classic Mustang has turned out top-notch restorations for clients around the globe. SEMO Classic Mustang specializes in the restoration of high performance Mustang and Shelbys but can restore any classic Mustang to your exacting standards. Each shop has its own unique restoration process, and we think over the past 30 years we’ve got ours down to a science. 

The Restoration Process

Initial Consultation 
We begin all restoration projects with an onsite consultation of your vehicle, either at your home or at our facility depending on your preference. We sit down with the owner and discuss their goals for the restoration and the level of restoration to be attained. Our experts then spend about half a day inspecting the car and taking notes on what work will be required to reach your goals. At this time we also discuss the costs and time frames associated with restoration. 
Transportation and Arrival at SEMO
After the initial consultation, the vehicle is transported to our facilities. Upon arrival all cars are assigned a unit at our storage facility, this unit houses anything associated with the project, including the car itself, parts, and restoration materials. When the car is in between restoration phases it is housed in its assigned unit. 
Disassembly and Documentation
Work begins with disassembly of the vehicle. Each part removed is documented; correct pieces are boxed and cataloged, incorrect or defective pieces are disposed of. We document any original paint patterns or markings found for later recreation on the vehicle. The entire process is photo-documented. 
Stripping the Vehicle
After completely disassembled, the car is mounted on a rotisserie. Depending the customer’s preference the car is then stripped. For cars with original sheet-metal and not requiring major metal work we recommend hand stripping the vehicle. We have found that chemical dipping the vehicle weakens original sheet-metal and media blasting can warp original metal. This process also eliminates many “Clues” to the cars history such as original markings and previously repaired areas. With hand stripping, we are able to easily identify ‘trouble-spots’ such as bondo and filler. However on cars requiring major sheet-metal replacement media blasting/acid dipping is a viable and cost-effective option. Again, we always leave the choice up to the customer’s discretion. 
Metal Work
Our techs have handled everything from minor rust bubbles to replacing everything but the roof (and sometimes even the roof). We can fix any problem rust while duplicating factory spot welds and seal points, leaving no evidence that rust repair was done! We ensure fit and finish to better than factory finish. 
We don’t offer paint services in house. We have found over the years that many of our customers prefer their own painters. However, if you don’t have a painter in mind we do sub-contract to a shop that has painted for us for over 25 years and is familiar with factory Ford finishes and processes. We duplicate factory paint breaks and finishes based on assembly plant/year. 
Engine/Component Restoration
While the car is in paint we begin the restoration of component sub-assemblies; drivetrain, interior, etc. Missing parts are located and all parts are brought to like-new quality. Drive train components are detailed to concours standards and tested before install. Parts are detailed with correct markings specific to your vehicle. We can either restore your drivetrain to factory specs or spice up the performance while maintaining a factory look, everything is built to your specs! 
When the car returns from paint we begin assembly. Installing the suspension, drive train, and interior. This process is handled in a “clean-room” away from other projects involving dirty processes like welding, disassembly, etc. 
Inspection and Delivery 
After assembly is complete we take several days to drive the car, work out any bugs before delivery. We prefer our customers drive and inspect the car before delivery so that any issues can be resolved at our facility.
Misc. Restoration Facts 
Every restoration project is unique to itself, in the work and parts that will be required. SCM does not quote a price for restorations, we can give you general estimate only after inspecting the vehicle on-site. SCM does not take any money up front, Billing is handled on a weekly basis, accounts are settled on Friday of the work week and include any parts, labor, and outside services used that week. Clients are always welcome to visit the facility and inspect their vehicle (we generally prefer a Saturday so we can spend a full day with our customers!)