428 Cobra Jet Smog Emissions System

Please Provide Build date of your Vehicle

Complete Smog/Emission System for 1968-1970 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet equipped Mustang, Shelby, Cougar, etc. Our Kit includes: 

  • Thermacter Tube Set, correctly painted and ready for install with correct Check Valves with FoMoCo logo 
  • Pump with correct white fan, pressure release valve, and rear outlet elbow. (These are remanfuctured functional pumps, they do have a casting difference from the original pumps) 
  • Pump Pulley correctly painted with AMK Concours attachment hardware (Please specify if your vehicle is equipped with Air Conditioning) 
  • Pump Mounting and Adjustment Bracket with correct Part number, correctly painted and ready for install 
  • 3 Piece Concours Ink Stamped Smog Hose Kit with FoMoCo logo and Part numbers (Please specify build date for correct front hose stamping number (C80E/C90E) 
  • Carter 3-Port Smog Canister (Please specify your date code as we datecode these to match your vehicle) 
  • Smog Cannister Mounting Bracket with FoMoCo logo and part number, correctly painted and ready to install 
  • Set of Smog Tube Ferrels (Screw into cylinder heads and accept Thermacter tubes) 
  • Correct Whittek Hose Clamp set 
  • AMK Concours attachement hardware 
  • Marti Reproductions Smog Drive Belt
Please Allow Extra Shipping Time to Stamp Your Canister
Proudly Manufactured in the United States of America