Air Filter Element FA-41 Boss 302/429 428 Cobra Jet 429 CJ/SCJ 351 Windsor 390GT


Direct Replacement for the Autolite FA-41 Air Filter Element as used on many High Performance applications from 1968-1971. This filter is a good option for any early Mustang or Shelby as opposed to installing a generic parts store filter, it has been confirmed correct for the Following applications (If you don't see your application, please ask, it is correct for some earlier 65-67 vehicles as well): 

1969 and 1970 Boss 302 (C80F-C/D0GF-C/D0ZF-N)

1969 351 Windsor WITH Shaker Ram Air (NOT Correct for 69/70 Shelby GT350 - FA-50) (C9ZF-H/C9ZF-K) 

1968-1969 390GT (C8OF-A/C8OF-C/C9ZF-J) 

1969 390 4V STD (C9OF-E)

1969/1970 428 Cobra Jet/SCJ (C8OF-C/C9OF-H/C9ZF-E/C9ZF-F/D0GF-C/D0ZF-T) 

1971 429 Cobra Jet RAM AIR (D1ZF-FC)

1971 429 Super Cobra Jet STD (D1ZF-HB)